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A Hearing Aid by Itself Does Not Work

There are many critical stages to a hearing aid fitting. These include:

fitting in the ear well
sound is comfortable at all times
learning how to care for the hearing aids…

More suffer from hearing loss than expected, study shows.

More suffer from hearing loss than expected, study shows
If left untreated, condition could lead to isolation and exacerbate other health issues, Hopkins researcher…

From Hearing Loss to Hearing Aids: An Audiologist's Perspective

Access to information through the internet has made it easier for us to search topics in the privacy of our home. We can search for information on almost anything we’d like…

The Danger of Getting Your Hearing Evaluated

As President of the Maryland Academy of Audiology this year, I receive many emails requesting assistance and information. Several weeks ago I received an interesting email from a…

Hearing Loops and Accessibility

Last month The New York Times ran a short article on the Science page on “A Hearing Aid that Cuts out All the Clutter”. The hearing aid discussed in the article…